About Us


“YES!” begins with integrity.

After years of experience in the bedding industry, Steve Todd and his team noticed a disconnect between companies, brands and servicing clients needs. Genesis was formed and named because we wanted to separate ourselves from other companies we had represented in the past. We wanted to create the “Genesis” of something original. We wanted to start a new way of doing business in the mattress and bedding industry that focuses on providing better products and better services to the people who choose us as their preferred Brand.
We started this concept by looking at our core values as people, community members and as a family. We asked ourselves what issues we had with previous experiences and what our former employers lacked. What could we do to offer our clients the products and the services they deserved? We decided that our company, Genesis, should be a reflection of our values. Genesis should be an extension of who we are as people and a community.

As we began coming up with ideas for how we could be the best company, one word continued to come up, “YES!”. Each time we had a breakthrough idea of what we wanted to represent, some one said “YES!”. It was quickly evident that at the core of our business, creating “YES!” moments for you was the most important thing we could offer. “YES!” was the foundation for what we wanted to build our business model on. We wanted the people who chose our Brand to have those “YES!” moments. We believe that if our integrity as individuals and as a company can shine through everything that we do, “YES! Moments can be created for our clients and our community every day.
Product Quality

We put our products through significant stress tests in our factories to ensure their structural integrity. Delivered to you with a certified "YES!" approval.

Product Quality

Genesis set out to develop the "YES!" program to provide better services and protection to our clients. Creating an atmosphere for our clients to have a "YES!" moment.

Product Quality

We believe that building a strong foundation starts with each of our local communities. It is important for us to show your communities support as you support our Brand.

Product Quality

We extend our "YES!" Experience through Social Media via product giveaways and other promotional events. Encouraging clients to post their "YES!" Moments.