Making the World a Better Place
One “YES!” at a Time

“YES!” Begins with Integrity

Genesis was founded on a simple principle, “YES!”As we began coming up with ideas for how we could be the best company, one word continued to come up, “YES!”. Each time we had a breakthrough idea of what we wanted to represent, some one said “YES!”. It was quickly evident that at the core of our business, creating “YES!” moments for you was the most important thing we could offer.
“YES!” is who we are. It is the foundation for what we wanted to build our business model on. “YES!” is the overlapping point of how Genesis interacts with our clients, staff and communities. We want the people who choose our Brand to have a lifetime of “YES!” moments. We believe that our integrity as individuals and as a company can shine through everything that we do, “YES! Moments can be created for our clients our team and our community every day. 
Share your “YES!” moments with us. Let us know how we may be able to help create “YES!” moments in your communities.
What does “YES!” mean to you?

That is the power of

"YES!" Product Quality

We began Genesis by developing proprietary concepts for bedding products that we could stand behind. We believe that we should only offer products that we ourselves would want our families to use. Each of our team members sleeps on Genesis products. Many of our retailers sleep on products we have built too!

  • We put our products through significant stress tests in our factories.
  • We ensure the structual integrity of our products backed by a “YES!” Lifetime Warranty.
  • Sleep is important to how we function the next day.  Better sleep helps us have better days. Better days help us sleep better at night. This cycle is a focal point of Genesis.
  • Higher quality products equal better sleep.

"YES!" Service

If we cannot create a “YES!” moment when you get your product due to a manufacturer defect, we want to create a “YES!” moment through servicing this defect.

  • Our goal is to offer the highest level of satisfaction within our means. We know we will not be able to satisfy everyone, but we promise we will do our best to find a solution.
  • Many warranty products and services that companies and their respective Brands that we represented lacked integrity. In fact, they were built specifically to protect profits above the consumer’s interest. This is not the example we set at Genesis.

"YES!" Family

We believe that building a strong foundation starts with each of our local communities. Our communities are “where dreams begin” and it all starts with family. We look forward to working with you to create “YES!” moments in your communities.

  • We at Genesis are a family and active members in our communities. Genesis is an extension of us as individuals.
  • Our owner, Steve Todd, and his long-time friend, Donny Ottofaro founded a non profit organization called Future 6 in 2010 to help give back to their community.
  • A fantastic model that works closely with special needs families, low income, and/or distressed community members.

"YES!" Social

Genesis wants to keep in touch with the people who have chosen our Brand. We extend our “YES!” Experience through Social Media via product giveaways and other promotional events. We encourage you to engage with us and post your “YES!” moments with us. Let us know where your dreams take you.

Posts your requests for community outreach programs. Lets work together to see what we can allocate to build strength in your local communities. Genesis is “where dreams begin”.